Bail Bonds Options


Pay the full bond amount in cash or with credit card plus a 10% premium fee. The bail bonds will be posted immediately and you will recieve a refunds of your money at the close of the resolution of the case.


Pay 10% of the penal amount of the bond.  Use your collateral to cover the remainder of the bond.  Some typical forms of collateral are cars, houses and jewelry.  Collateral is returned upon exoneration. Bail Bonds are all we do!


Pay 0 money down and use your deed or Car title to finance the bail bond premium for up to 12 months interest free.  This plan reserved for homeowners with excellent credit.




There are always a lot of questions that come up when an issue arises and someone you love is in trouble. Questions about what should be done next and many more questions about bail bonds and the bail bond process. Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about bail bonds.

Am I entitled to bail?  Although guarding against excessive bail is a right, there is no guarantee that you will get the chance to post bail. Bail is determined by a judge who takes several factors into account, including whether or not you would be considered a flight risk for not returning to court or if the crime constitutes a public safety risk, any previous criminal history you have, etc.

What factors go into determining bail? There are several factors in play when bail is determined. Among them will be any previous criminal history. If bail has ever been set before, your history of appearance in court will be considered. If you have regular employment, community connections and family ties to the area, these also help determine bail in a positive way. Character and mental state are also taken into consideration.

Who can cosign for a bail bond?  Typically a friend or family member cosigns a bail bond for you. In general, they need to be employed and have rented or owned a home in the area for a while.

What if the person I posted bond for does not appear in court? If the defendant does not appear in court as promised, then a bench warrant will be issued for his or her arrest. The bail then becomes payable in full unless the defendant is recovered in a timely fashion. You may still be responsible for any costs in recovering the defendant.

When does my bond expire? The bail bond expires when the case is concluded, whether you are found innocent or guilty. At that point, the liability for the bond is finished. Any fees owed to the agent must still be paid.

Do you deal with Out-of-State clients? We make it easy to get your friend or loved one OUT of an Arizona Jail. We know how frustrating and stressful it can be for the family. We can handle the entire bail bond process without you ever leaving town. All you need is a fax machine and/or email access.

Can I use a credit card for bond payment? Credit card transactions are one of the fastest and easiest ways to secure a bail bond. For out-of-State / out of area clients, the use of a credit card is often times the simplest means of posting bail. Once the case is disposed by the Court and the bond exonerated and released, the Collateral amount is then returned to the client. (Premium and fees are non-refundable)

Can I use a direct bank deposit for bond payment? Cash funds may be deposited directly into our bank account. If you are depositing cash and want us to access it immediately, get the Confirmation Number of the transaction and call us with it. We will, at that time, confirm with our bank that it has been deposited. Deposits may be made to one of several major banks. Call for Details.

Can I do a wire transfer for bond payment? Wiring funds from one bank to another is not a difficult process. Wiring of funds is desirable in those instances where none of our banks are available in your area for a direct deposit. If you wish to wire funds, we will supply you with a Routing and Account Number for the transaction.
(Typical wire fee is between $20 - $35)

What Arizona jails can you bond me out of? BAIL BONDS USA has a strong network of bail bond companies and agents. We provide bail bond service for EVERY jail in Arizona.

Can you bond from other states? Our network of affiliates allow us to get your bond posted in any state that allows Bail Bonds. If you are in Arizona and your loved one is stuck in jail in a "Bondable" state, we can secure their release. Call for more information.